Winter Services

Western Canada is known for its vastly varying seasons. And regardless of which season you are constructing your project in, it’s important to work with an expert who can handle the ups-and-downs of our Canadian climate. Winter, in particular, can bring some challenges. This is only becoming more true as the climate across the prairies and BC shifts, causing more frequent and sudden jumps between freezing temperatures and balmy winter highs.

Beyond that, heavy precipitation like rain, snow, and ice not only cause construction delays, but they can also become a problem in regards to erosion and sediment runoff. Fortunately, there are numerous tools that we can use to keep soil stable and erosion under control even during the coldest months.

As a Canadian company with both of our headquarters located in Alberta, we feel confident in saying that we understand Western Canada’s winters. Our team has nearly two decades of experience helping companies control erosion and sediment during the cold months, and we look forward to helping you as well. Call us today to get started with your free consultation.

Erosion Control Central is proud to offer a selection of additional winter services, listed below:

  • Snow Removals
  • De-Icing
  • Pop-Up Ice Rink Installation
  • Hoarding 
  • Ground Thawing
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