Why It Pays to Work with an Experienced Erosion Control Team

Why It Pays to Work with an Experienced Erosion Control Team - Erosion Control Central - Erosion Control Calgary

Saving a few bucks when hiring outside services is always a tempting idea when you’re a business owner. But if the quality of your product or service is lowered along with the price, are you really doing yourself a favour in the long run? When it comes to erosion control, saving those few extra dollars comes at a much higher cost if it puts your project in jeopardy. Save yourself from what could be a nightmare by hiring reliable experts!

Erosion control and the related legalities are no joke. Depending on where your project is located, the jurisdictions and laws involved regarding erosion are different. Each region has specific guidelines, and it’s important that the team you hire to help you build an erosion control plan and perform your inspections is acutely aware of these differences. As an example, the cities of Edmonton and Calgary call for all erosion control measures and protective equipment be studiously inspected every seven days and immediately following heavy rainfall exceeding 12mm in a 24hr duration. It’s also expected by both cities that inspections are scheduled after a heavy snow melt.

The legislation varies from region to region, but a professional erosion control team will be familiar with the laws and regulations in your particular district. Working with highly trained and knowledgeable staff will save you from facing fines or offenses, which is extremely important for the reputability of your business.

Here at Erosion Control Central, our staff works by the book when it comes to following erosion control requirements as presented by local legislation. Catching the issues before they happen is something we strive to do with every erosion control plan we put together. We work to make it as simple as possible for you to maintain your equipment and erosion control measures and we make it our duty to give you the peace of mind that we’ve covered all your bases.

For further information or if you’d like to request a quote, visit us here and we will be happy to help. It pays to work with an experienced erosion control team and at Erosion Control Central, we’ve got your back.