What to Expect During an Erosion Inspection

What to Expect During an Erosion Inspection - Eorsion Control Central - Erosion Control Calgary

If you own or manage a plot of land that is greater than one acre, you have various responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and protecting the property from erosion. These responsibilities include using the proper equipment against sediment erosion and scheduling routine erosion inspections. But do you know just what to expect when a certified company performs an erosion inspection?

When inspecting a property, experts look for potential threats and ensure that the current safety measures installed are performing adequately. We look for proper sediment control, that the equipment is installed correctly, and that it is still doing its job managing the soil and runoff. These inspections should be scheduled every seven days and always following significant rainfall or large snow melt. It’s essential to catch erosion related issues early on before they become problematic or violate any sort of legislation.

During the inspection, experts will help you assess the specialized erosion equipment and if the need for further protection becomes necessary. Equipment such as sediment traps, silt fences, construction entrance pads, mulch and seed, riparian buffers, sediment detention basins, and site specific equipment should be kept up to date to assist with successful inspections. Keeping your erosion plan in place and adhering to all laws set by the concerned jurisdiction is absolutely necessary not only to protect your site from the effects of erosion, but also to save you from any legal violations.

As a site owner or manager, you are aware of the damage that sediment can cause to neighbouring properties. Not only is it costly to clean up eroded sediment from streets and drainage systems, but it’s also just a lot of extra work! Save yourself the headache and prepare yourself properly by installing preventive equipment and making sure you are familiar with the laws surrounding erosion control. If you need help developing an erosion control plan or you need more information about inspections, please visit our website to ensure you are up to date and informed. For all erosion control related questions and concerns, Erosion Control Central is here for you. Get in touch with us and we’ll help protect your site!