What Happens When Sediment Isn’t Controlled?

What Happens When Sediment Isn’t Controlled? - Erosion Control Central - Erosion Control Experts Calgary

No matter what you happen to be building on your construction site, either residential or commercial, you’re going to have to be on top of sediment control. This means installing proper mitigation measures to ensure that the sediment on your site remains in place and ensuring routine inspections for possible deficiencies. Soil movement on your site doesn’t just cause a massive logistical headache for Construction Managers—it’s also an environmental issue of keeping the surrounding land and water bodies free of the muck, mess, and pollutants introduced by uncontrolled sediment.

A common area where sediment control is of utmost importance is on sidehill slopes. Any loose soil left unimpeded on a steep incline is going to be transported by water runoff in the form of raindrop impact, sheet, or channelized flows. If your sidehill slope is near a body of water, then the runoff will carry all that debris into the water and disrupt aquatic life. Water that becomes thick with sediment has serious consequences to fish spawning habitats, food resource availability, oxygen levels, and pollutant levels for other critters who rely on these water resources to sustain themselves.

This doesn’t just apply to natural areas and lakes. If your urban construction site sits gradient to residential or commercial developments, or any home for that matter, it’s your responsibility to maintain proper sediment control. Acting with due diligence when it comes to your construction site minimizes your liability and enhances protects your reputation as a company. Keep in mind that no matter where your site happens to be, whether it’s upgradient or on level ground, the chances of sediment clogging up the surrounding area is always there if left unmitigated. So lower your risk, lower your costs, be proactive rather than reactive; it’s easier than you think to be the change you want to see.

As a manager, contractor, or labourer, you know just how necessary sediment control is. Sediment control can protect wildlife and can help with maintaining the air quality in and around your construction site. Without proper erosion control from wind, the thin top layers of sediment gets tossed around and becomes airborne. This can cause respiratory problems for those living close by and transport pollutants offsite. Help keep your neighbouring residents and animals safe by choosing proper sediment control.

If you are in need of an assessment or inspection, get in touch with us here at either our Edmonton or Calgary locations. Here at Erosion Control Central, we want to help you run the safest and most reliable site this summer!

—Eric Richoz, CISEC, CESSWI