Vaughn 2

Vaughn Kachanoski QAES, P.Biol.

Environmental Services Manager

Vaughn is a Qualified Senior Aquatic Environmental Biologist with more than 15 years experience working in a wide range of fisheries-based positions in the federal government and private industry. He brings his vast knowledge to our team having been a field technician, researcher, federal regulator, compliance inspector, project manager and discipline lead.  He has the experience to service a wide range of our client needs and project goals effectively and efficiently.  His strong technical writing, project management and mentoring skills are backed by his passion and drive for serving client needs and developing a strong environmental team.

Aquatic Biologist, Fisheries specialist, Project Manager, Regulatory permitting and approvals, QAES, Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist, Mentor, Leader, Consultant, Research, Reporting and Technical Writing round out his value added skills.  Vaughn’s passion and diligence toward quality in his work stand out and makes the rest of our team better as a result.