Christa Morrison, CISEC, CPESC IT

Managing Partner

Christa has a strong passion for the environment, and one of her main goals in life is to provide a cleaner and more sustainable water system for us all and especially our children who are our future.

Christa’s background includes 15 years of working in both the oil and gas sector and the environmental field. Her years of experience have included everything from installation of BMPs and working in the office (AP/AR, Payroll administration and completing other administrative duties) to creating estimates, project management and coordination, and conducting weekly Erosion and sediment control inspections. Christa recently received her Certification In Erosion and Sediment Control (CISEC) and is now working on completing her CPESC.

Each day, Christa strives to build awareness in our industry about regulations and bylaws which make it easier to understand why we do what we do every day. Christa’s excellent communication and customer service in combination with her desire to protect the environment helps our clients and team focus their energy on what truly matters in life. Without clean water, what do we really have?