Our Process

Complete Erosion Control Begins with a Consultation

Initial consultations are free, and they take about an hour. A team member will visit your site, and we’ll correspond with you about the scope of your project. We’ll also reach out to the local municipality at this time as they’ll need to be involved for approvals. During your consultation, we’ll explain the basic rules and regulations outlined by the law and how we can help. We’ll explain what services we provide and our proposed plan for assisting on your project.

After consulting with you and the local authorities, we’ll perform an initial site inspection. Inspections are done both by foot and using drones. Our experts will then carefully craft an erosion and sediment control report and design. It is our goal to always create the best control design for every unique project that balances cost effectiveness and environmental impact. We work with the local authorities in order to have our control design approved for your project. We’ll also get your approval on the control design’s installation scheduling and pricing before we begin implementing our plan. You can expect 2-3 meetings, depending on the size and scope of your project, between the consultation and installation of your erosion and sediment control design.

Our erosion and sediment control measures will need to be installed before stripping and grading, so the municipality approves the go-ahead at the pre-construction meeting. After that, you’re free to begin work on your project. However, no erosion and sediment control plan is static. All erosion control products require regular inspections and maintenance, and our team will be working with you often to make sure everything keeps working great for the entirety of your project.

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