Installation & Maintenance

As the first choice in erosion and sediment control across Western Canada, we’re the first to say that there are many products and methods available to control erosion and sediment. A comprehensive erosion and sediment control plan will take into account your unique project and worksite, and specify the most effective tools to comply with legislative requirements while keeping your budget in mind.

When you choose erosion and sediment control designers and managers for your project, it’s important to find an experienced team who has a wide arsenal of products and sediment control methods on hand. Every project is different. But the Environmental Conservation authorities always have their eyes on you, so it’s vital that you get the best solution for your worksite.

At Erosion Control Central, you’ll find the most comprehensive line up of services and products which together can handle any situation for any project. For urban projects, catch basin donuts and logs or silt sacs prevent sediment entering the sewer system. Dewatering silt bags, which effectively filter and remove silt from pumped water, can be used for minor dewatering of your construction site as necessary. Silt fencing helps prevent sediment from leaving the desired site, and that’s just the beginning. We also utilize erosion control blankets, turf reinforcement matting, hydroseeding, and more.

Of course, just having access to the right products or equipment isn’t enough. Your erosion and sediment control managers need to be experts in the design, delivery, and maintenance of every service as well. That’s why everyone on the Erosion Control Central team has been carefully trained to implement and maintain our products and methods exactly as the manufacturer recommends. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all of your erosion and sediment control needs. From the consultation and control design phases, through to implementation and management, we can do it all. Call us today.

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