How Caring for the Environment Saves Your Project Money

How Caring for the Environment Saves Your Project Money - Erosion Control - Erosion Control Experts Calgary

If you’re a business owner, the possibility of saving money on a project is music to your ears. However, sometimes this can lead to some faulty decisions, as saving money might mean a much less efficient job for half the price. When it comes to running a successful business, you know that finding the balance between saving money and getting the job done right can be a little tricky.

As it pertains to the environment, choosing the most the most balanced approach between what is environmentally appropriate and what will save you the most money in the long run should be a no-brainer! Business owners, project managers, and site superintendents should be as environmentally aware as possible during the lifespan of the project to save costs in the future.

Being environmentally conscious comes in many different shapes. Knowing the footprint you’re leaving during production and taking care to clean up as much as possible over the course of the job will save a lot of time when the hard work is finished. Sediment is considered a deleterious substance, and as such it interferes with nearby aquatic habitat and can be costly to clean up.  Sediment is also a mechanism of transport for pollutants that attach to soil particulates and go for a ride. Once mobilized, pollutants attached to sediment can leak onto highways, into city streets, neighbouring properties, and eventually into the stormwater management system.

To avoid all this, start off by using the right tools specific to your jobsite requirements! Employ proper mitigation measures where needed and use proven sediment containment or filtration measures to your advantage. Pre-planning, design, communication, and site visitation with project stakeholders are typically the best actions to take, as fixing the problem before it even exists saves money and manpower. With frequently scheduled, certified inspections of your equipment, erosion  and sediment control measures from an acutely trained set of eyes will also help you catch potential issues in your site before they can impact your project. Recording, documenting and keeping a log of measures proposed and implemented while the project is underway also demonstrates a level of due diligence which can go a long ways in the eyes of regulators.  

Being proactive, having foresight, and bringing an understanding of project costing as it relates to money up front vs. money spent on the back end can be an effective strategy as to how well you regulate your project site from an environmental standpoint. It could mean saving you from expensive mistakes and clean ups, and making your site run much smoother with regulators. Environmental care is good for everybody and we hope that you choose to do your part in making your site both eco-friendly and efficient. Get in touch with our erosion control experts if you’d like to know more about how you can help the environment and your project.