Health & Safety

Zero-Injury Objective

Erosion Control Central is a safety-first company, with a singular focus on maintaining a zero-injury work environment.

By following strict safety policies and procedures we are able to achieve our primary safety objective which is a healthy, safe environment for everyone in the workplace.

It is our belief that every individual deserves to feel protected and safe within their work environment, and our services are part of the overall health and safety strategy on every job-site.

How We Do It

Our safety policies demonstrate not only to our customers but also to our own team members that we clearly want to achieve safety excellence on every job-site. Some examples of the things we do to ensure a zero-injury rating on every job-site are:

  • Completing daily pre-job safety inspections
  • Hazard assessments
  • Daily tool-box meetings
  • Monthly safety stat meetings where we share stories and create a culture of safety within our company
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