Erosion & Sediment Control Inspections & Reporting

Laws at all levels of government cover both the potential discharge of sediment and other pollutants from construction sites and the expectations placed on engineers and construction workers to limit environmental harm due to erosion. Without regular inspections and careful maintenance, eroded sediment can clog up waterways and kill wildlife, destroy spawning habitat for both fish and amphibians, degrade soil, and harm or kill vegetation and trees. Wind erosion also leads to both soil loss and respiratory problems for people living nearby.

Due to the potential severity of harm, violating legislation from any level of government can lead to extensive fines or even imprisonment. But, by following an erosion and sediment control plan that is designed and implemented by experienced erosion control experts, you can ensure that your project is compliant with all legislation and that your company is protected from legal liability via due diligence.

At Erosion Control Central, we understand that every project is a little different. That’s why we carefully survey your worksite both by foot and using drones before crafting a unique erosion and sediment control plan especially for your project. This erosion control plan will take into consideration which jurisdictions your project falls under, the weather conditions and season, the land condition, slope, nearby waterways, soil type, and more.

Jurisdiction is important in particular, as municipal and provincial guidelines can differ depending on where in Western Canada your project is taking place. The City of Calgary, for example, requires that your erosion and sediment control measures are inspected once a week and after all significant rain events consisting of 12mm or more within a 24 hour period and after any large snow melts. Other municipalities and regulatory agencies vary in their requirements. Some jurisdictions require an inspection before a major rain event is forecasted to occur rather than just afterwards, so we work closely with you and the local authorities to ensure your project is compliant with all local laws.

These frequent inspections are necessary because the worksite and soil quality changes as the project progresses. Weather will also have an impact on how well your erosion control tools are working. By following the regular inspection schedule laid out in legislation, we can help prevent large problems from ever developing. And, barring any unexpected circumstances, maintenance on your erosion and sediment control measures should be minimal.

All members of our team are carefully trained in the proper installation and maintenance as per the manufacturer’s specifications. And because we install, inspect, and maintain every product to the highest standards, our methods generally work perfectly and require minimal repairs.

But what exactly does minimal repairs mean? Unfortunately, it’s hard to say as every job site differs. The weather and site conditions, the degrees of slope, type of soil, and how active the site is with other trades will all have an effect. But typically, small repairs are necessary bi-weekly to monthly to keep everything in place and working as intended. Regardless of how often your particular worksite requires repairs, you can rest assured that all the measures we install are maintained as per the manufacturer’s specifications and that your erosion and sediment control strategy is compliant to all legislated requirements. This not only ensures that your project demonstrates due diligence towards the environment, but it also saves time and money.

By designing and implementing a comprehensive erosion control plan that carefully considers and mitigates environmental impact, we can minimize site cleanup and reclamation costs after your project is complete. Our regular inspections and maintenance will also prevent damage to nearby stormwater infrastructure and natural waterways. Beyond that, more and more Canadians are concerned with environmental stewardship, so earning Environmental Awards and Recognition can help build your reputation and help you to secure new contracts in the future

Erosion Control Central is the premier team for erosion and sediment control design and management in Western Canada. It is our privilege to work on projects across the prairies and BC, and we look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get started today.

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