Erosion & Sediment Control Designs & ECO Plans

Nature is powerful. Given thousands of years, wind and water will topple the Rocky Mountains and redraw the landscapes around us. But the natural forces aren’t the only ones changing the way the world looks. People are in a constant state of movement. We build skyscrapers that reach the clouds, and we mine deep into the Earth. Then we change our minds and use tools like hydroseeding to reclaim the land with natural grasses and shrubs.

As our ingenuity has grown, so has the knowledge of how the changes we make affect our planet. At Erosion Control Central, it’s our privilege to help municipalities and industries test the limits of our capacity to shape the world around us while simultaneously protecting our common environment.

An ECO plan is a written document outlining the protective measures that a contractor will follow to maintain the environment and keep it from any undue harm. Your ECO plan should clearly demonstrate how the contractor will comply with all applicable legislation and regulations during the project. It should also answer tough questions about the potential environmental issues that are possible on site, who will be responsible for dealing with any issues that emerge, and how those issues will be avoided in the first place.

One common environmental consideration that developers, engineers, and the oil & gas industry need to keep in mind is preventing sediment-laden or otherwise polluted rainwater from running off into rivers, creeks, lakes, wetlands, or other environmentally sensitive lands. Silt and sediment are considered deleterious substances (pollutants) by the government as they can cause significant harm to water habitats. When erosion isn’t accounted for, wildlife and people can become ill and suffer from respiratory problems. More sensitive species may even die. As industries or cities expand or demolish, they have an environmental responsibility to keep soil, seed, silt, oil, and other pollutants on their construction sites and out of storm sewers and natural waterways. By working with an experienced team to create your ECO plan, you can effectively move forward with your project while performing due diligence in respect to environmental legislation.

As the premier erosion and sediment control design and management company in the Prairies, we offer comprehensive control over your worksite, so you can progress on your project on time and on budget while abiding by all of the environmental obligations for your area. Working with an experienced team, like ours, means that creating a comprehensive ECO plan actually saves your project money. Our experience allows us to take a holistic view of your project and area, so we can minimize cleanup and reclamation costs, prevent damage to storm infrastructure, and ensure you remain compliant to Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations every step of the way.

Managing your project in an environmentally responsible way also improves your company’s and your team’s reputations, which can lead to Environmental Awards and Recognition as well as more invitations to bid on future projects. Finally, your project benefits from the numerous contacts and rapport we’ve built up over the years; we have niche industry knowledge and a good relationship with regulatory authorities across Western Canada. This leads to a quicker turnaround time for approvals and avoids costly delays.

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