Drone ESC Inspection Program & Other Drone Services

As Western Canada’s leader in erosion and sediment control, design, and management, we don’t find “sufficient inspections” or creating an “adequate control plan” good enough. We strive to constantly raise the bar in our industry, and that’s why we are pleased to introduce our industry leading Drone Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) Program.

Creating the best erosion and sediment control plan means gathering as much information as possible about your worksite. Every site and project is different, so without specific knowledge about the soil type, elevation changes, current vegetation, local waterways, and more, it would be difficult to create a plan perfectly crafted for your particular project and location. That’s why the team at Erosion Control Central take their land inspections a step further.

In general, land inspections are done by foot. A certified inspector in sediment and erosion control will walk around the site to inspect the area and gather the necessary information. This is an important step for getting a detailed, down-to-earth idea of how the soil, water, and vegetation work at your project site. But while an inspection by foot may be sufficient for designing an adequate erosion and sediment control plan, it often fails at getting a broader image of how everything fits together.

With the help of a Phantom Series professional drone, we are able to offer quicker inspection times and get a closer look at the hard to reach areas of your site. We use the captured 4K aerial video and photos to design your comprehensive erosion and sediment control program, but we also hand a copy of all footage over to you. You can use this footage as you’d like. Many clients find the footage useful during construction meetings and for advertising or marketing, while others simply enjoy having a better overall picture of the condition of their worksite.

We’re also happy to offer our clients drone inspection progress tracking. As your project progresses, we can record an aerial timelapse for you to keep track of development.

We are proud to offer Western Canadians the highest quality inspections. We find that drones bring an incredible resource of additional information that makes creating the best ESC plan for your project easier. Please note that drones are unable to function in high winds or during snowy or rainy conditions. Contact Erosion Control Central today, and start saving time and money on your project with a free consultation.

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