Controlling Erosion During the Rainy Season

Controlling Erosion During the Rainy Season - Erosion Control Central - Erosion Control Experts Calgary

It’s not surprising to Albertans that the weather changes fast. Since we skipped right over spring and seemingly headed directly into summer, we will likely see a mix of frequent rainfall with elevated runoff levels. With the melt off upon us, we need to keep on top of our erosion prevention measures as the rainy season approaches and threatens to increase the erosion potential in the province as well as locally. Regularly scheduled erosion inspections and booking an inspection within twenty-four hours of heavy rainfall may help to identify site issues. Site investigations that document and record issues at hand, the steps required to mitigate those issues, and recording the chain of command that has to happen to get the job done go a long way to demonstrating your due diligence. This is where we shine.

When preparing your site for essential erosion prevention techniques, keep in mind that we may need to update some of your control measures, as the needs for winter and summer erosion control vary. Controlling sediment during and after a rainstorm is absolutely doable with the right ESC design. Using products like erosion control blankets (ECB’s), turf reinforcement matting (TRM’s), hydromulch, geocell, ditch checks, and catch basin protection devices can save you a lot of headaches down the road. However, each site has specific needs and we are always prepared to work with you to determine what’s needed to keep your site in the best shape possible with your budget in mind.

Developing a sustainable practice for your construction site and evaluating your erosion control plan after major rainfall is essential. Installing, maintaining, or updating new measures such as catch basin protection, site access, or perimeter controls may become necessary. Rainfall can cause a lot of problems and damage to neighbouring properties if the sediment is not properly contained. In order to protect yourself and your company, it’s imperative for your site to be completely up-to-date in any and all sediment control techniques as we move into the rainy season. Know that after any kind of significant rainfall we are here to help you whether it be through our designers, inspectors, or installation team!

Sediment and erosion control does not have to be complicated. As long as you are aware of the measures available to you that can help reduce erosion, your site is well on its way. Being on top of these measures through regular maintenance and inspection will also go a long way to stabilize your worksite. When we start to experience that heavy rainfall, give us a call. We are happy to carry out those after-rain inspections. Get in touch with us here; we are excited to discuss and develop a plan to eliminate any worry you may have about erosion.

—Eric Richoz, CISEC, CESSWI